International Trade of Seafood
from Russia

Fresh Seafood is delivered
from Far East Russia

Solaster delivers the freshest seafood from Far East Russia, including Kamchatka and Sakhalin, to Japan and around the world. We are also a seafood processing company and can supply frozen and canned products.

What We Do


Including the whole group and our partners, we have more than 20 vessels.
We harvest fish and shellfish from areas such as the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk.

Production of processed fishery products

Our facilities of fish processing produce a range of processed seafood products, including canned and frozen foods.
We have a range of factories that can freeze freshly caught fish and shellfish immediately, and some are equipped with lines for the production of whitefish fillets.

    Marine Transport

    We have five cargo vessels for transporting goods to the fishing boats and catches from the fishing grounds to the port.

      Export within
      Russia and abroad

      In addition to the Russian domestic market and CIS countries, we also export to Asia and Europe from our group companies in China (Shanghai), Korea (Seoul) and USA (Seattle).



      King Crab / Blue Crab / Snow Crab / Spiny Snow Crab / Red Snow Crab / Hair Crab


      Cod / Pollock / Saury / Herring / Halibut / Flounder / Red Fish / White Salmon / Silver Salmon / King Salmon / Trout

      Other Seafoods

      Whelk / Cod Roe / Salmon Roe / Scallops / Squid / Octopus


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