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We’re the first Russian company as offshore development for Japanese companies

We provide lab-based offshore development services in Vladivostok, Russia, which has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years as “the closest Europe from Japan”. We are the first Russian company to offer offshore development services to Japan.

What is Vladivostok?

Vladivostok is the central city of the Russian Far East and has recently been attracting attention as “the closest Europe from Japan” due to its proximity (only two and a half hours by plane from Tokyo), the fact that JAL and ANA have announced direct flights, and its European-style cityscape.

Due to its proximity to Japan, there are many students of the Japanese language, and it is said that there is a strong pro-Japanese sentiment in Russia.

How we work together?

The actual development will be carried out by our Russian company “cashalot” in Vladivostok, but the contractual payments will be made in JPY or USD by SOLASTER.

There is no need to convert your money into Russian rubles just because we are a Russian company.

Advantages of development with us


Compared to Japan, the cost of labour is lower in Russia, so our development costs are often less than half those of Japanese developers.

Only 1 hour difference with Japan

The time difference between Vladivostok and Japan is only one hour, which makes it very easy to communicate with the locals.

Flourished relations between Japan and Russia

Due to the distance is closed to Japan, Vladivostok used to have a Japanese quarter.

Attracting the best talent from universities

Vladivostok is home to one of Russia’s leading universities, the Far Eastern Federal University, which makes it smooth to recruit talented people.

Available Technologies

You can choose between a lab-type or a lump-sum contract, depending on your needs.


iPhone / iPad Apps


Android Apps

Web & Design



Data management, Analytics, etc


Azure / GCP

System Development

Business System

Tech Stack

We introduce the technology stack of our engineering team. We select the most appropriate technologies for our services and products, and create a system that allows our teams to make decisions autonomously.

Category Technology Stack
Programming Language / Library, etc Web Frontend : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap 5
Android : Kotlin (MVVM; Room, Navigation component, Mapbox, Firebase analytics / Crashlytics), Java
iOS : Swift (VIPER, thank Bob; target iOS 9; Realm, Mapbox, Firebase analytics / Crashlytics, Fastlane)
Backend : Go (goleveldb, postgresql + goose), PHP, Python, Ruby
Data Platform : Python, Java
Infrustracture GCP, AWS, Azure
Middleware nginx, Apache2
Database PostgreSQL, MySql, MariaDB, NoSql
Environment Setup Docker
OS Linux
Management of codings Github

Inspection Tour

We also offer tours to Vladivostok to give you a first-hand experience of the offshore development environment. The city is very close to Japan and can be completed in 1 night, but Vladivostok is also a very attractive city for sightseeing and we welcome requests to extend the tour.

Office in Vladivostok


  • Complete in 1 night (2.5 hours one way from Narita)
  • Guided by Japanese(English speaking) staff
  • Cost is approx. 100,000-150,000 yen/person
  • Free airport & hotel transfer included
  • Sample test cases & quotation can be prepared if you have a case in mind


  • Please book your own flights and hotels.
  • Estimated costs include airfare, hotel and meals.
  • A detailed schedule will be emailed to you after registration.

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