Looking for chances to enter Japanese market? We explain TOP 5 advantages why we should aim to localise in Japan.

Loyalty and long term relationship

Japanese business culture prioritise building a powerful long-term relationship rather than being on honouring the details of an agreement.

The simplest etiquette for victorious relationship in Japan is to be polite, punctual and respectful of your business counterparts all the time.

In case you’re invited to a big conference or social event and trying to cultivate a connection with Japanese company, you’d better to consider yourself to be a valued partner with politeness.

Intercorporate relationship in Japan will be built much harder than as an individual level, because it requires confirmation by multiple people and departments. It might be quite slow for you, but it’s important to respect their step-by-step process.

The 3rd largest GDP

Japan has the 3rd-largest economy in the world. It’s GDP is $5.06 trillion marked in 2022.

  1. United States: $20.89 trillion
  2. China: $14.72 trillion
  3. Japan: $5.06 trillion
  4. Germany: $3.85 trillion
  5. United Kingdom: $2.67 trillion
  6. India: $2.66 trillion
  7. France: $2.63 trillion
  8. Italy: $1.89 trillion
  9. Canada: $1.64 trillion
  10. South Korea: $1.63 trillion
  11. Russia: $1.48 trillion
  12. Brazil: $1.44 trillion
  13. Australia: $1.32 trillion
  14. Spain: $1.28 trillion
  15. Indonesia: $1.05 trillion


In general, Japan has a excessive trade and international investment annually. The workforce is particularly skilled and well trained, proving their organisational growth. Such contribution leads Japan to be one of the top countries by GDP.

Governmental Support

Especially Tokyo is Japan’s hope to kick-start collaboration with overseas startups by financial support.

The Japanese government (内閣府) sets up INVEST JAPAN offices in applicable ministries and agencies to serve as single contacts for overseas companies seeking information or support in setting up business in Japan. The INVEST JAPAN offices are also located in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), its regional operations and in the Department of Economy, Trade and Industry within the Okinawa General Bureau.

Through the INVEST JAPAN Offices, you can:

  • Ask for information on investment opportunities in Japan.
  • Learn about procedures for gaining business permits/licenses.
  • Find information on other matters related to manage business in Japan.

International Gateway

Japan has mainly 5 international airports located nearby big cities:

  • Haneda (HND)
  • Narita (NRT)
  • Chubu (NGO)
  • Kansai (KIX)
  • Fukuoka (FUK)

and that’s pretty comfortable to travel internationally.

If you come from Asia such as Korea and China, even small airports offer international flights.

To start your business in Japan, Tokyo will be the best. It’s much easier to communicate with other companies and look for your partners, because the HQ is mostly located in Tokyo.

Blue Ocean

Since Japan has extremely unique business culture and characters much different from Western’s and European one, many overseas startups gave up their localisation so far.

On the other hand, we could mention that Japanese market is still “blue ocean” for a long time.

If you understand Japanese culture well and communicate as much as possible, your localisation will be succeeded.

We’re supporting overseas startups like you, and offering subscription business to small start for finding the opportunity.